S175 instructions

This form must be completed by Schools (Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres, Free Schools, Academies, Community, Voluntary Aided and Independent), Pupil Referral Units and Further Education Colleges in order to monitor their compliance with Sections 157 & 175 of the Education Act 2002. The Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, the Non-Maintained Special Schools (England) Regulations 2015, and the Education and Training (Welfare of Children) Act 2021.

Purpose of this document: To enable the Local Authority to carry out its statutory responsibility and report back to the Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Partnership under S11 of the Children Act 2004 in relation to the safeguarding compliance of educational settings in Leeds to statutory guidance and legislation. In particular the existence and operation of appropriate safeguarding policies, procedures that promote a safer working culture within the organisation, and the training of staff, including the senior person with designated responsibility for child protection.

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Navigating your way around the  s175 Annual Review Safeguarding Compliance return form

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Completing your 's175 ARM form'

This form should be completed by the senior designated safeguarding lead/head teacher within your setting. Please note that the reporting period for all data requested is from 1st September 2021 to the 31st of March 2022.

Please note that you should answer all the questions prior to submission. 

Please answer each question by selecting the most appropriate response for your organisation. Please ensure that where narrative is requested (i.e contact details, specific details requested) that all boxes are fully completed.

If a question is not applicable, please add N/A into the text box provided and explain the reason for this not being applicable, if appropriate.

When you have completed this form and pressed 'submit', a copy will be sent to the education safeguarding team.  The data submitted will be used to inform city wide reporting of the safeguarding arrangements across the education sector, and to identify emerging issues and themes that can inform the planning strategy of the Education Safeguarding Reference Group, in relation to future training and policy development. The return will  be used to inform any related LA investigations and queries from regulatory bodies relating to safeguarding practice/compliance within your organisation.  If you have any questions or queries in relation to completing this submission please contact ESTconsultation@leeds.gov.uk

You also have the option of printing out the completed submission allowing you to email this to senior leaders/management committees/governing boards. The system has also been designed to 'auto save' your work so you can quickly return to where you left off however when you do log back on please press the 'update form' button to ensure it is reflected on your return.

It is important to ensure that the information provided is an accurate reflection of school/college practice. Once completed, the author of the return must share a copy of their final submission with the Chair of the Governing Body. It is the responsibility of the Governing Body (preferably the safeguarding governor) to independently verify that the data submitted is accurate. Once this has been done, the 's175 ARM form' must be formally noted by the Governing Body as an accurate reflection of school practice in Governing Body minutes. Governors should work with the designated safeguarding lead and senior leaders to ensure that areas of practice improvement are addressed in a timely fashion.

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